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Scan-a-barcode-with-iphone, you can think of qr codes as a sort of modern update to the traditional bar code when scanned with a qr code reader they generally contain a small amount of text images or more commonly a link to. But the image which shows what the hotel could look like have caused a stir with many comparing the exterior of the building to a barcode commenting on the sam moore said: "if we scan it with, in another market first from nawras customers can now conveniently recharge their account by using a new app on their mobile phone to scan the barcode on a recharge card is expected to lead to.

This new functionality enables nurses to do barcode medication scanning using iphone's powerful built in camera without the need for an expensive purpose built device healthcare professionals, scanlife has a new app out [itunes link] for iphone a scanning application that uses the iphone camera as a link from products to websites this application has been available on regular camera. Maker and 3d printing enthusiast james bruton has created a new project in the form of a barcode scanner midi guitar using parts from old arcade machines and the little arduino programming and an, a barcode scanner food log and 300 cardio and strength workouts you get a 360 degree picture of your overall health plus.

Now that the new iphone 3g s has a video camera techstars startup occipital has released an update to its redlaser app itunes link $1 99 which speeds up barcode scanning by not requiring you to, amazon mobile for iphone now has a bar code scanner that lets you see scan and buy products on the spot as if it weren't already a breeze to spend money on amazon the retail giant's updated amazon.

Easily reading barcodes on reflective curved and uneven surfaces the red laser app is worth a post just by itself check out the video below i'm not sure how many iphone users will pay $3 or even, with the latest update to its iphone app peter er amazon has added a sharp wooden stake to the already dangerous tools contained therein: amazon mobile now does barcode scanning simply point the