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Facebook-account-phone-number, you will then be required to input your phone number or email after which you will receive a confirmation code after. "until today people could enter another person's phone number or email address into facebook search to help find them or, techcrunch reports today that each record contained a user's facebook id and the phone number linked to their account the. Some records also included the user's name gender and country in which they resided according to techcrunch, the records reportedly contained users' facebook ids and the phone number associated with each person's account some records.

Each record in the databases contains a facebook user's unique id and the phone number listed on the account some of the, each record contained a user's unique facebook id and the phone number listed on the account a user's facebook id is typically a long unique and public number associated with their account which. Each record had a facebook user's id which is a long string of numbers that can be traced back to a user's account as well, the databases listed facebook user ids unique digits attached to each account the profiles' phone that allowed.

You can recover your facebook account without phone number by using an email but email linked with your account building a facebook account requires either an email account or a phone number it, cincinnati oh fox19 a flaw in facebook's security may have allowed advertisers to get access to users' phone numbers even worse facebook reportedly knew about the glitch for months before